2023 Q3 Team Updates

2023 Q3 Team Updates

Here are some of our major highlights during Q3 of this year!

Hey everyone,

Now that we’re officially into the final quarter of the year, we wanted to share some of our Q3 highlights that took place throughout the months of July, August, and September!

Air Force Gaming

At the end of September, we concluded the inaugural year of the Base Support Program where Airmen and Guardians that are hosting events on-base for their local gaming communities can apply for different levels of event support depending on the event scale which includes merchandise, loaner gaming equipment, and on-site broadcast support from our team! A few major highlights from this year are:

  • Supported 46 events at 27 unique Air Force and Space Force bases across North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific Region
  • Travelled to 3 bases located in Colorado, Utah, and Japan to partner with local Airmen and Guardians  to execute and support their largest gaming events on base

You read more about the Base Support Program 2023 recap on the Air Force Gaming site here

Our team travelled to Okinawa, Japan to support and broadcast Kadena Air Base' marquee Overwatch 2 event

LCS Challengers League & Riot Games

Jumping over to the Rift, we executed and broadcasted the 2023 Summer Season for the LCS Challengers League and Qualifiers. This season was momentous for us as we brought on another sponsor to the NACL through Subway as well as supported the Live Finals’ broadcast at the Riot Games Arena in Santa Monica. History was made at the Riot Games Arena as Team Disguised won the Championship in their inaugural season of competing! Check out the photos from the Live Finals here

Additionally, throughout August, we worked with DisguisedToast and his team behind the scenes to ideate and execute the NA Legends Invitational, a 2-day showmatch featuring former and current NA LCS players, notable League of Legends streamers, and upcoming NACL players competing for $10,000 and a custom Vi gauntlet trophy! 

Other Programs

Alongside Air Force Gaming and Riot Games, we also had a lot of other major highlights such as:

  • Announced our partnership with Ubisoft and Rainbow 6 Esports to host and broadcast the 2023-2024 Rainbow 6 Collegiate Season which features a $7,500 cash prize across 3 semesters. Follow the season along here
  • Partnered with the NFL to host the 4th annual Madden NFL x HBCU Tournament, an event designed for students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) that have a passion for gaming and football. The top players will earn a VIP experience at the 2024 NFL Pro Bowl Games taking place in Orlando, FL on Feb 4, 2024!
  • Operated 4 events within our Owned & Operated program which featured over 412 players competing in Marvel Snap and Fortnite Creative!
  • Hosted the Frost Giant Studios' inaugural Stormgate tournament during their Closed Alpha for 76 players.

Platform Updates

This quarter, our engineering team focused on infrastructure improvements to prepare for upcoming major platform changes. We are pleased to inform you that the Rally Cry Platform is now SOC2 compliant, as we continue to prioritize platform security and performance.

The infrastructure updates for the Rally Cry platform have already yielded an 80% increase in Lighthouse performance score, resulting in nearly twice as fast load times for players. Additionally, administrators and moderators now have access to additional tools for theming their domain and managing competitions. These updates serve as the foundation for upcoming visual updates, user achievements, and broadcasting tools that will be rolled out in Q4 later this year.

That’s it for today! We’d like to thank all our partners and users for such an amazing year so far. Stay tuned to our Twitter and LinkedIn for our ongoing highlights as we continue to wrap up projects in Q4 and prepare for 2024 to arrive!