Company Clash Beta Launch

Company Clash Beta Launch

Today, we launched the Closed Beta of our very first product — Company Clash! 

As a team, our dream is to take the best parts of esports — the camaraderie, the inclusivity, and the personal development — and find new ways to make these experiences accessible to a wider audience. Building Company Clash is our first step towards making that dream a reality, and we’re incredibly excited to continue developing this product alongside our first players. 

To all of our first players, thank you for joining us for the adventure ahead. Starting today, you’ll be the first to be able to try out our new platform and help us shape what Company Clash will be, together with our developers. We’d like to ask you to share your honest feedback, test out our features, and challenge us to create the league experience you've always wanted.

About Company Clash

So what exactly is Company Clash? Like many of you, we’re working adults now, and while we certainly haven’t lost our love for video games, it hasn’t been quite as easy to find players at our skill level to compete with. So we did what any designer or developer would do — we built our own place to play.

Company Clash is a series of esports leagues where working professionals from all backgrounds and skill levels can connect with coworkers at their company, form teams, and compete against players from other companies all over the country — all for charity. More specifically, it’s a streamlined solution to one of the most difficult challenges in amateur esports — finding the right people at the right time to play with. The experience we’ve built is our way of saying “competing doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds”, and that’s a promise to the world that we’re working to keep.

We’re still quite early in development, but we’re inviting our first players onto the site so they can help us shape the future of the platform. As of today, anybody with a company email can sign up for the Beta on!

What’s Next?

During the Closed Beta Season, we’ll be focusing our development time on three major areas:

  • Bug fixes, visual polish, and direct feature requests from our Beta Testers
  • Further development of our charity, safety, and inclusion features, as outlined in our Action Plan
  • Further development of our competition infrastructure to support more game titles, new formats, and better tools for players and organizers

By iterating on user experiences from our favorite social networking sites, tournament platforms, and charity organizations, we’re hoping to show that competing can be beneficial to both personal and social advancement. 

On the business side, we’re actively working on a series of leagues and partnerships for our next chapter, which we’ll be able to share soon. We’re always looking for partners who share similar goals, so if you’d like to talk, send us a line at:

Our next post will be an Action Plan update. Until then, we’ll be tinkering away at the platform to make sure all of our first players have a good experience. If you’d like to see more frequent competition and platform updates, follow @CompanyClashGG on Twitter, or follow @teamRallyCry for updates on technology and our charitable efforts. If you’re interested in becoming a Beta tester, we’d love for you to join us on Discord where you can chat directly with our developers!