Introducing Rally Cry Fortnite Creative Tournaments

Introducing Rally Cry Fortnite Creative Tournaments

Prepare to immerse yourself in a series of intense battles, fueled by creativity.

Welcome, Fortnite Creators & Players, to an exhilarating event that is sure to get your creative juices flowing! Rally Cry proudly announces its inaugural Fortnite Creative tournament featuring Golden Gun - a game mode created by iiiSAndman!

For this series of Fortnite Creative tournaments, we are partnering with Elite Creative - the largest Fortnite Creative server globally.

Tournament Details

Players of all skill levels will have the chance to compete and show off their best for $500 in prizing across a two-day competition. Beginning on July 1st, players will compete in the following format:

- One Week, Two Days (July 1st - July 2nd)
- Open Bracket
- Golden Gun FFA:
- Lobbies of 12 players
- The winning player from each lobby will move on to face off against other winners through an entire bracket until we get to a final winner.
- Prizing
- $500 to 1st Place

Registration and competition will take place on the Rally Cry Play platform and the Elite Creative Discord. Registration is now open and closes on June 30th.


Rally Cry's Vision:

Our vision is to create a platform that not only hosts thrilling tournaments but also fosters a vibrant community. With our Fortnite Creative tournaments, we aim to harness the immense potential of the game's creators and their remarkable maps and game modes. By collaborating with these talented individuals, we forge a solid foundation for the Fortnite Creative community on the Rally Cry platform.

Registration Details:

Players who are interested in competing can register on the competition website. Make sure to read all of the rules in their entirety before registering. Once registered, be sure to join the Elite Creative Discord to learn more information about this tournament or future tournaments!

Registration is now open and closes on June 30th.

Fortnite Creative

Fortnite Creative, the innovating sandbox mode within Fortnite, empowers players to build, explore, and battle in their own personalized worlds. It's a place where imagination knows no bounds and where the possibilities are endless. Rally Cry recognizes the immense talent and creativity of the Fortnite Creative community and seeks to provide a stage for these extraordinary individuals to showcase their skills and engage with a broader audience - with some friendly competition built in.

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