LCS Challengers League 2023 Season Recap

LCS Challengers League 2023 Season Recap

We're taking a look back at the major highlights from the LCS Challengers League 2023 Season!

Hey everyone,

With the LCS Challengers League 2023 Season officially wrapped up, we’d like to share a quick recap of the major highlights from this season as we prepare for the offseason and beyond! Let’s dive into the details 

LCS Challengers

In partnership with Riot Games, Rally Cry produced 81 total broadcast days across both the Spring and Summer splits across January to September of this year for the community to watch the best emerging League of Legends players

Throughout the season, our team brought on Turo and Subway to sponsor the LCS Challenges League. These partnerships helped us develop amazing content pieces highlighting key moments from each match to tell the story of the standout players. With their support, we announced and implemented a revenue sharing model including a one-time payment to all teams, a 50/50 revenue split from broadcast sponsorships and Twitch subscriptions as well as opportunities for team sponsorships during broadcasts. 

The most exciting highlight for our team was definitely the Summer split which featured two awesome achievements - the infamous streamer, DisguisedToast joining the LCS Challengers League and the live finals at Riot Games Arena in August. DisguisedToast made history this season by fielding the first ever streamer-owned esports team in the LCS Challengers League in which they also claimed the Summer 2023 Championship title during the live finals at Riot Games Arena on August 9! During the live finals, our team had the opportunity to support their media day by coordinating with Turo to secure vehicles used in content pieces featured on broadcast. 

The NACL Summer 2023 Finals stage at the Riot Games Arena

NACL Qualifiers

Alongside the primary LCS Challengers season, we operated and broadcasted all 4 splits of the Qualifiers portion from January to August 2023 which had over 130 amateur teams apply to compete in the NACL Qualifiers. Our most notable highlight from the Qualifiers was the constant improvements to the broadcast each split. Across the 4 splits, we leveled up our broadcast capabilities to cover all the NACL Qualifier matches each weekend so the community can tune in and cheer on their favorite team. 

Turo Baron Buff was one of the many in-game content pieces to help level up the broadcast

NA Legends Invitational hosted by DisguisedToast

To cap off an amazing season, our team worked closely with DisguisedToast and his team to execute and broadcast the first NA Legends Invitational, a 2-day weekend clash of North American pro players from past and present. Our 4 team captains consisting of Scarra, Yassuo, Sneaky and Aphromoo drafted their teams from a pool of current and former LCS/NACL players ahead of the competition weekend. The 4 teams competed for $10,000 and custom Vi gauntlets engraved with their name and team name. 

The NA Legends Invitational Event was featured on the League Client!

That’s it for this season! We’d like to thank Riot Games for providing us with this amazing opportunity and the League of Legends path to pro community for welcoming us with open arms. Our team is incredibly proud of playing such a pivotal role in the ecosystem and can’t wait to see what we can cook up for next season.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the 2024 LCS Challengers League season!